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Dust Cloud
Australia, on Mar 26, 2004

It is getting larger.
3:30 PM : 1. Normal Set, No Filter, 2. Macro Set, No Filter, 3. Normal Set, Sunglasses, 4. Macro Set, Sunglasses
4:30 PM : 5. Normal Set, No Filter, 6. Macro Set, No Filter, 7. Normal Set, Sunglasses, 8. Macro Set, Sunglasses
5:30 PM : 9. Normal Set, No Filter, 10. Macro Set, No Filter, 11. Normal Set, Sunglasses, 12. Macro Set, Sunglasses
6:30 PM : 13. Normal Set, No Filter, 14. Macro Set, No Filter, 15. Normal Set, Sunglass Filters, 16. Macro Set, Sunglass Filters
The dust cloud swarmed in front of the Sun during the last Sweeping Arm of the Sun on Mar 26, as noted in photos from New York and Lousiana too. Note Australia is the reverse of the Northern Hemisphere, so the dust cloud from the right in the Northern Hemisphere, at midmorning, is on the right in the Southern Hemisphere in the late afternoon.