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Midday Sighting Reports
as of May 27, 2003

Do not look at the sun directly, especially, with an eyepiece or lens. Apparatus used:

Compound (2lens) optical objective lens with a focal
length of 4 cm and diameter of 5 cm.
Televue 16 mm Nagler Type 2 eyepiece.

The anomaly has been observed next to the sun as a separate image on paper repeatedly over several days during the afternoon and just prior to sunset by tilting the lens slightly off axis. The object appears to be globular as a barely resolvable luminous dot. Attempts were unsucessful using single convex lenses of 8 cm and 19 cm focal length. Permitting the light from the sun to pass through a hole punched in the paper reduces the glare. If a telescopic eyepiece is used, let the image fall upon partially transparent paper taped onto the eyepiece.
Chuck, in California
Saw a reddish brown sphere 3 to 4 o'clock of the Sun for most of today [May 27]; saw it through 2 layer of sunglass. Sphere disappear during sunset.