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Mt. Wilson Responds

There seems to be some type of cover up going on with Mt.Wilson. Has anyone been able to get the live feed form this morrning [May 29] around pre-dawn? [Note the slideshow went on the ZetaTalk web site the day before on May 28]
Concerned, from godlikeproduction Message Board
I was watching it the whole time. They paused it at 4:06 AM and switched the camera view.
Crim, from godlikeproduction Message Board
OK, this is really getting interesting. The fact that that little ball with the Planet X on it was kinda funny. It gave one a feeling that it was all a hoax. But now that webcams are being turned away or shut off is turning things around, as if something really is there and they don´t want us to see it. ... We all should be very concerned and searching the skies now. UCLA is actually bringing more attention to this now by their actions (other webcam sites also).
Concerned, from godlikeproduction Message Board
Yesterday 29 May I kept watch on Mt. Wilson tower cam at about 3.29 AM it was turned towards city (observatory was not visible). I work for one of world's top 5 software organisations in India so I can keep track during work hours.
Hey, was looking for other cams, check this out!
Got a note below a live cam. “Due to security concerns expressed by government officials that legitimate live cams may be used by terrorists to aid in carrying out their plans, we have decided to discontinue our SF liveshot until further notice.”
Blindspott, from godlikeproduction Message Board