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Sunset Sighting Report
as of May 29, 2003

Finally even I have seen it. At date [May 28] 28.5 UTC 6:30 PM. Was out and jogging, saw it during 30 min at the left to the sun. Looking around and saw nothing similar elsewere on the sky. Very much alike the photo but bigger contra sun and more diffuse because cloudiness.
Carl, in Sweden
I absolutely saw Planet X tonight [May 29] at 7:17 PM. It was a big, red, dusty-looking ball positioned to the left of the setting Sun at the 3-4 o'clock position. There was no other red in the sky. I saw it for several seconds before a gray cloud passed over it.. Heretofore, I have seen what I thought was Planet X. Tonight as I turned into my sunset viewing parking lot, I saw it without even looking for it. No doubt in my mind this time!
Nancy, in Virginia
II’m in Pittsburgh, and tonight [May31] during my evening walk, I saw something odd near the sun. As I looked closer, I saw what looked to be 2 suns!! One was the orange Sun, and the other was what looked to be a red sun! I actually got a little nervous when I saw this, but I'm glad to report from Pittsburgh.
Matt, in Pittsburg
I´ve been an interested doubter for some time, until I looked up on my way to work this evening [June 3] before sunset. Thought my eye´s were deceiving me. There it was, big as shit. Almost 3/4 the size of the bright Sun, reflecting little light, looking almost like a shadow of a planet just below and to the left of the Sun. The sighting was made near Seattle, Washington at approximately 8:40 pm. I will definitely start doing more to prepare as soon as I get home tommorow. Based on my observation, I don´t think it will be invisible to the masses much longer.
Ahall, in Seattle