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Mothership in the Sun
on June 5, 2003

I got a crappy new camera yesterday, can do 640x480 pictures, and up to 3.5 minutes of video, well off hikig a friend and I went and I brought my camera along to test it out. All the pictures I took turned out fine, with the exception of the ones I took of the Sun. On those a blackish ball appeared and stayed stationary on every picture taken across 40 miles between two cities in Colorado. I couldn't look where this picture was located for long, or serious damage to the eye could occur, and it hurt. But I did see what looked like two 'glows' of the sun, not 'suns' themselves. I took pictures inbetween the anonamly that turned out just fine, which says it isn't a spec on the lens or anything. In the video I am walking, and the anonamly goes by a couple trees, it looks like it's own light is engulfing the tree the same way the sun behind it is, almost looks infront in the 8 second frame but you can see light coming from it in my humble opinion. I have no clue what to make of this. Keep in mind this camera is extremely crappy. [Note: Sean provided a video clip with the Mothership appearing throughout his walk through the trees.]
Sean, in Colorado
My husband and I have been doing analysis in Photoshop and have come up with some notable observations. When this image is copied into Photoshop and then filter/embossed the sun and the object just to the lower right of the sun appear to have the same pixilation suggesting Sean might have captured Planet X!
Misty and Maximus