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Moon as Mirror
on June 2, 2003

I looked at the Western sky shortly after Sunset and noticed what looked like the Moon was almost entirely eclipsed except for a very small section on the lower right corner. I thought it was very strange that there would be another Lunar eclipse so soon after the one on May 15th, but looked at the calendar and noticed that a New Moon was suppose to have occurred around 31 May or 1 June. I took a picture thinking it was the moon in close proximity to the setting Sun, but when I downloaded the picture this afternoon, it doesn’t look anything like the moon, in fact it is very red and omminous looking. The picture is truly extraordinary. This photo was taken on June 2 between 9-9:30 PM from the Western Skies over the West Coast of Florida. I thought this was the moon being nearly eclipsed to the left of the setting Sun that evening, but after downloading and reviewing this picture, I now have doubts as to whether this was actually the Earth's moon I was observing. This was seen with the naked eye and then taken with the digital. Not just viewed with a camera.
Botanica9952, on godlikeproduction Message Board