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Sunset Sighting Report
as of June 7, 2003

I am from Medellin, Columbia, and I can see a big fireball object near the Sun. The today’s sunset [June 7] was excellent to observe it. Many people in my village is saying ‘Hercolobus is coming! Hercolobus coming!’ The native, mainly Indians in Bogota City are predicting devastating earthquakes for the next month and they call the fireball near the Sun as ‘Lo Senhor De Las Trevas Chegastes’. I have observed this object near the Sun during the sunset here in Columbia and one interesting point about the object is that is has little sparks around it when the Sun starts to disappear in the sky.
Milarion, in Columbia

Hercolobus, the red planet, also call Ajenjo or Barnard1, this last name given by its discoverer, called astronomer Barnard of whom until the moment we do not have any information. The Hercolobus planet is a giant with a size 6 times greater than the one of Jupiter, pertaining to the system Tylo or Tyler, and whose orbit around its sun lasts about 35,000 years. The orbit of Hercólobus arrives in a point to locate itself to approximately 500,000 Kilometers of the Earth, or can that even something less. The collision danger is in null theory, since you orbit them planetary do not get to cross itself. But, which consequences can carry the approach to the Earth, of a planet of so colossal dimensions? According to we have been able to verify, the consequences would be without a doubt quite disastrous. Four previous approaches are known supposedly (of course in intervals of 35,000 years), all of them related to great extinction or enormous climatic changes. One says that it was the cause of the extinction of the dinosaurios and even that in its last approach turned aside the axis of the Earth to its present state and invested its sense of rotation. In the network, we have found information like the following literal transcription:

The Revolution of the Earth axes hurried violently, which is pole will be equator and part of the equator will be the poles. The magnetism of this planet woke up inactive volcanos, will attract the fire of the Earth center, causing that the volcanos enter eruption and causing of this form earthquakes in chain. Many super metropolis like Paris, Rome, New York, Moscow, will disappear according to their weight in the Law of the Karma, the small cities entered social, cultural and economic crisis with the exoduses of people who as beasts looked for refuge. In some countries with nuclear arms and centers they will be in emergency. Many virus inactive will leave to govern in the human chaos. Forgotten diseases will arise causing disagreement in the scientific land. Animal mutations of laboratories will take the streets and avenues, single with the Powers of the High Initiates will be able to be fought to them. In theory the 11 of August of 1,999, agreeing with the last eclipse of the millenium, Hercolobus will arrive at that point so near our planet, and according to the information that we have been able to successfully obtain, this approach will return to straighten the planetary axis (or it will turn aside it still more) and will return to invest the sense of terrestrial rotation.