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Mothership Sighting Report
as of June 8, 2003

The dot that appeared in a weather cam posted here yesterday or a couple of days ago is exactly on the mark. The dot that you saw in the photo is there and is real. It is not a joke! Now the only real question is this... is that circular dot an unknown object (Planet X?) or is it a collection of sunspots which has coalesced into a perfectly circular configuration? My opinion is it is not sunspots.

What I know is that I saw very clearly, along with a witness, a black dot on the sun this morning
[Jun 8]. In the middle and slightly up from the equator. It was perfectly circular and did not resemble the sunspot shown by (which I have a lot of respect for). This object is perfectly circular. If you don´t believe me go out with an eyepiece or a convex lens and project an image on a white piece of paper and you will clearly see the circular disk. It does not, I repeat, does not look like a collection of sunspots depicted on, which would be visible using the method described above. I will just say that I was not a believer in Planet X, until today. My witness, who is extremely educated in the sciences, thought I was wacko until he had to admit that he saw what I saw. His comment was that ‘it is very interesting that´s for sure.’ I don´t have an ax to grind, I´m not a disinfo agent or any of the other creative titles that the innane people that hang here can be labeled.

We were able to view the sun directly for several minutes through fog and thin clouds, and with the help of tint on the windshield, and two pairs of sunglasses. The sun could not have been any clearer, and what is really bizarre is I thought I was coming here to [announce] a startling revelation only to find that everyone seems to have been looking this morning and saw the same damn thing! Is this the startling revelation that has been spoken of by the ‘prophets’ when everyone will see their fate and destiny at the same time? I will repeat... there is no doubt whatsoever that there is a huge circular object almost right in the middle of the sun. Grab an eyepiece or a convex lens and project it on a white piece of paper and you will see the circular object. I just hope the hell it is a sunspot, but at this point I am not convinced.
TheDotIsReal, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I saw it this morning [Jun 8], through cloud cover. I was in Southern Ohio, and it was foggy in the AM ( 9:00 EST), where you could look directly at the sun and see the dot. Thought it was quite interesting.
John-Ohio, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I´m not kidding when I say that the dot is no longer visible as I said it was earlier using the eyepiece method. The dot was moving northward from around the center of the sun this morning and is now not in view. I have no f*&king clue what the hell is going on! The dot was there as attested to by others here, my witness and my wife (who just kind of shrugged her shoulders and said, 'so what does it mean?') Now, here is the ultimate question... if what we all saw was a collection of sunspots, the how in the hell can sunspots disappear from view within a span of 8 hours? The sun does not rotate that fast! What was observed has its own orbit and moved quickly across the sun.
TheDotIsReal, on godlikeproductions Message Board
There is indeed a dark spot or dot on the sun that is visable without magnification. It is below and to the right of center. If you were to divide the sun up into a coordinate grid in 1/8th segments I would say one line down and one to the right of center. I just confirmed this [Jun 8] by observing it through a welders mask.
CnoEvil, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I was skeptical but I have seen this anomaly [Jun 8]. It is very easy to see you can see it with you naked eye if you really wanted to. I am in Houston the sun is a little bright but my eyes adjust after about 15 sec. The skies are partly cloudly actually closer to no clouds but a random cloud does move in front of the sun which magnifies this anomaly. I am using a welders mask and a pair of binoculars. The anomaly will be described below:
1. dark compared to the sol
2. there is actually 2 dots, one is larger than the other
3. the anomaly without being focused looks oval shaped
4. location: spliting the sun into 4 equal pieces going clockwise it is in the second piece and closer to the center rather than on the edge
I tried to photograph this anomaly with no success aiming a camera through binoculars is close to impossible. I have compared what I saw with the MDI LASCO off of the SOHO site and they are not lining up at all. Again I compared with the site and no match there either.
DJBanks, on godlikeproductions Message Board
I also saw the dot. I live in the Seattle area, and observed the sunset on the Thursday June 5th. I originally thought the dot was a sunspot. Except it was very symmetrical, and I had looked at earlier that day and did not notice any sizable sunspots. It is there, and I am not sure what next?
Lurker, on godlikeproductions Message Board