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Sunset Sun/Moons
Lake Huron, on June 11, 2003

Two more [webcam] images from Lake Huron.
Note the more heavily exposed image at 8:43 shows many Planet X Moons in the tail sweep between the Earth and Sun, some visible through the clouds as they are reflecting light both from the Sun and Planet X, and some diffuse behind the clouds. This large spread of Moons is what was observed during the CCD imaging session from Fall 2002 to March 2003, when first the tail, then the moon swirls in the tail, then the individual moon, then a large spread of moon that began to look like an asteroid swarm, were visible. This shows that Planet X complex has come close and has closed distance! The later photo at 8:45 shows only Planet X to the left of the Sun.
The images can be accessed directly from the GBYC archives on Lake Huron in Ontario, from the webmaster Graham. The web site stated at the time the images were copied:

Please note, you are free to view and download the web cam image for personal purposes, however you are not allowed to download, (modify), and re-publish the web cam image, without consent from the webmaster.

and were passed second hand to the ZetaTalk web mistress who was unaware of the copyright restriction. Please check in the archives for photos date/time stamped:

GBYC Web Cam Wed Jun 11 8:45:30 PM 2003
GBYC Web Cam Wed Jun 11 8:43:45 PM 2003