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Santorini Webcam Takeover
on June 20, 2003

There were long delays between updates in today´s viewing. There were also numberous lapses of more than 3 minutes duration. Frame one is of great importance to those who have been following the rotation of the Earth. This frame shows the Sun coming over the ecliptic and settling into a position just above the horizon at 18:30 CEST. It remained dormant in this position for almost 1 hour until 19:27 CEST.
At 19:27 CEST there is a lapse of 27 minutes until it moves into position between the two islands at 19:54 CEST where the red spot then comes into view as it has for almost 2 weeks now. At 19:54 CEST there is then a lapse of 16 minutes until 20:10 when there is another 19 minute lapse.
You will notice that the June 17 frame of 19:42 UTC and June 20 frame of 19:54 UTC (above) show the sun in the same position between the island but the time sequence is off by 12 minutes.