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Santorini Webcam Doctoring
on June 20, 2003

The webcam from Santorini has been doctored on June 20. The time frame depicting the sunset at 2003-06-20-20:36:0 has been doctored and the image pasted over as is evident by the squared over pixels in the sun image, thus indicating an altered image. These images showing the red star and moons now visible below the sun and in line with the ecliptic have been verified and checked with complete accuracy by professional photographic analysers. The images are star-like in appearance and the pixels are not square or pasted over. Furthermore, the images of the planet and moons do not follow a normal reflection line back into the camera as most lens flare would do, instead they fan out in all directions like separate entities would do. A lens flare does not have that capability, as it must follow a line back to the original source (the camera) If you inspect the frames you will see that this is not the case, therefore this claim of lens flare has no credibility. This is just the usual ploy used by the government debunkers who are paid to monitor activity in online forums.
This is a common debunking technique, to have an altered image presented as Planet X, then claim those who presented it altered it. I am constantly sent doctored images, and a spate of these were sent just ahead of this date.