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Intense Brightness
on June 21, 2003

This image of 3 flares extending out from the center of the sun in opposite directions match what has been foretold by the Zetas regarding the Reddish Cross. “As the ancients have recorded, the 12th Planet is visible as a cross in the skies, prior to it's passage between the Sun and the Earth. Why a cross? Many stars assume this shape, with light rays appearing to shoot in four directions, when the human eye gazes at them through the haze of the atmosphere. Of course, the stars themselves do not have such an emanation, and it is the eye and the atmosphere which controls this appearance.”
Certainly we have not seen this intense brightness at sunset before, and many people have written me to report that the sun seems unusually bright. It has gotten so intense that it is hard to look at even when dropping below the horizon. This is a result of Planet X being in front of the Sun, adding its light to the Sun's, a double sun blast of light.