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Second Sun/Moons
Korea, on June 22, 2003

I live in South Korea. This photo is at To the right of the Sun there are long linear shaft things. Is the under part moons and tail? These went down down along with the Sun , and the linear shaft things changed slightly several times. The Sun went down at a 42 degree slope to the sea surface. The linear shafts went down at an 80 degree slope, behind the tree.
Search time: 7:41PM - 9:12 PM ( webcam time)
Sunset: 9:12 PM
Planet X is very much in the Sun lately, in the body of the Sun, which is what is making the Sun so very bright these days. Please note there is a lens flare, the red area above the Sun and the flare in the lower portion of the photo. However, the flare is not symetrical through the center of the Sun! This is because Planet X is to the lower right of the Sun. Remove Planet X from what is assumed to be the Sun alone, and you have the lens flares being symetrical! Where Planet X is in front of the Sun, to the lower right, and difficult to discern now, the dust tail and moons sling far afield, up to 5 millions miles from Planet X, and can be seen in this image. Note that the moon, their movement, can be seen also on the SOHO image taken during this time.