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Sunset Sun
Santorini, on June 23, 2003

I was reading your website and as an amateur researcher into Bible prophecy I was interested in your tracking of this planet Nibiru. I looked at many of the pictures on your site and I said to myself that this can be replicated in photoshop. I intended to see what kind of anomaly I could create. When I looked at the webcam capture photo I noticed a round anomaly in the upper right and corner. I figured it was a lens artifact. After doing a Contrast & Brightness adjustment it seemed to become more defined. I then ran a Hi-Pass filter and sure enough I found that the anomaly was not a lens artifact at all. You can tell that the object is behind the glow of the sun and in front of the static. If this isn't planet X then what do you think it is? Definitely a believer now. I'm going to get my sun filter and my old telescope and take a peek at the sun directly if it hasn't gone down by the time I get home. Or this weekend perhaps. [Note: the White Persona has been captured here. The Red Persona appears directly under the setting Sun in the Santorini webcam.]
Anonymous Converted Debunker

This is the original picture taken from the webcam.

This is the Contrast / Brightness modification to extract detail.

This is the Hi-Pass filter used. Notice the color spectrum around the halo of the sun. It passes over the object.

Here is a close up.