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Midday Sun/Moons
Italy, on June 23, 2003

Here for you new pictures of June 23 14:00 and later 18:00 from S. Felice Circeo in Italy . During all the day, a very big ring around the sun was visible. Olimpus digital camera C 990 2.1 Megapixel.
Note that Planet X has developed its own lens flare, independent of the Sun, in this photo, which also appears in the Vancouver webcam photo following! Note also that the moons here are in the same location as the webcam photo from Vancouver, a global turn away from Italy! The red object is not a lens flare, nor the pale round objects closer to the Sun, but the upper left round object is a lens flare, on the halo, and with the clasic flare at the halo.

Lens Flare on Red Persona of Planet X, independent of Lens Flare of Sun

White Persona of Planet X at lower left, lens flare of Sun at upper left, moons in a swirls closer to the Sun.