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Double Reflection
Vancouver, on June 29, 2003

The astonishing photo capture of a double reflection is the best example of what is the buz of the day. People are reporting not only double reflections, but double shadows. When the Sun goes behind a cloud, a second shadow is dominant, from the second sun, landing at a different angle. Closer, brighter, and for those not yet able to catch a glimpse of the second sun as it is too close to the real sun to look, this is one means to determing without looking at the blinding sun, that Planet X exists, and your government is not informing you!

I was exploring the weather sat´s [Jun 29]and have made some interesting observations. ... There by the bottom of Mexico, there is a reflection of the sun, then another reflection of the sun? How can this be if there is only one sun?
BraveHeart (from godlikeproduction Message Board)
We were sitting on our poarch this morning [Jun 29], which faces east, just ahead of noon and noticed that the railing was showing two different shadows on the poarch floor. This is a spot we watch daily, measuring a few minutes of slowing rotation and looking for the big jump to start. When the Sun went behind a cloud, a second shadow from some sun-like object would appear, bright enough to cast a shadow almost as dense as the Sun's shadow! This second sun-like object had to be both smaller, higher, and to the right of the Sun, as the shadow it cast was within the Sun's shadow as though the Sun itself had suddenly moved higher in the sky.