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Sunset Sun
Ibiza, on July 1, 2003

I was able to capture 2 sunsets occuring semitaneously today, July1, from Ibiza, Spain. The first frame shows a tremendous light source (what appears to be a sun) coming over the ecliptic and settling to the horizon at 20:46 UTC (8:48 PM), or a full 38 minutes prior to the scheduled sunset at 21:24 UTC. Later there is a definite ppearance of a double sun image at 21:11 UTC (9:11PM). There are two separate suns coming into play, with Planet X in front and setting first, and the actual Sun setting shortly thereafter. There can be no doubt about what is now occuring, these are not anomalies or images caused by lens flare, but the real thing here. The strange thing about these sunsets is that most people will not even notice what is happening because both Planet X and the Sun are within the Ecliptic and competing with their light.

Planet X Setting

Sun Starting to Set

Planet X and Sun Now Setting

Both Going Down