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Atlantic Rift Stretch
Spain, on July 3, 2003

Here are some photos that give another indication that a stretch forward and pull back has taken place in the Atlantic Rift. Notice how we suddenly get a very bright circular reflection in the water before the sun comes up over the ecliptic to settle towards the horizon. Then later the sun actually comes over and settles into place with a more elongated reflection. Second time this has occured here now.
We are noting in the Global Quake section that the Atlantic Rift gets grabbed and tugged by Planet X at key points such as the dusk point when it is escaping around to the dark side of the globe. Global Quakes happen at these times, showing the strength of the grab, and the Atlantic Rift ripping while the Pacific compresses as a result. East of the Atlantic Rift, where the rift is pulling away and the area east is in stretch and rip zone, such a rip releasing tension would case, in the Mediterranean, a lurch forward and quick jerk back by Planet X as a result of the tension release.

Ibiza, Spain on July 3 at 19:56 UTC

Ibiza, Spain on July 3 at 20:07 UTC

Ibiza, Spain on July 3 at 20:13 UTC