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Red Persona
April 4, 2003

My name is Stéphane. I am the person who made the photo that Veronica sent to you. This Photo is taken next to Taurus 83.
I found a dull pulsing reddish object specifically in a straight line from Aldebaran (tauri 87) are three stars (tauri 86, 83 and 79) then vertically up from the middle star (tauri 83), I saw two others (tauri 90 and 93). The dull reddish pulsing object was between taruri 83 and 90, clearly visible through X10 binoculars.
Caroline, in Australia

As described by both Stephane in France, and Caroline in Australia, they both sighted and/or imaged the Red Persona of Planet X at the same location on Friday, April 4, 2003, near Taurus 83. The red light wave that constitutes the Red Persona bends in toward the core of the Earth, concentrating in a spot not directedly in a straight line view. The red light wave that constitutes the White Persona does not bend, and thus is found where the coordinates would place it. Identical descriptions of the red light bending effect!

On Apr 9, 2003 we had the first clear skies since Mar 26, 2003, when I first viewed the red blinking light of the Planet X complex at the coordiantes. This time I could not find anything at that spot, but did notice an orange smudge, far larger than the dot that had blinked at me two weeks ago, below Aldebaran and a tad to the left. When I received the image forwarded from Stephane the next day, I recognized this to be the place where I had seen a diffuse orange smudge. That evening, on Apr 10, 2003, I went to check again, repeatedly, and repeatedly found the orange smudge at that spot below and a tad to the left of Aldebaran, and somewhat above the coordinate spot. During the checking I also got the familiar very red blinking at the coordinate spot. In other words, I was seeing both personas, in the same evening!