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SOHO Size Increase
NOAA, on July 7, 2003

Nancy, quick, go to Steve Quayle’s site. From there go to News Alerts, Go to Mars Bytes, and look at the top right side of screen. NOAA's new sun picture! Hurry before it disappears!
Note the location and appearance of Planet X in this latest July 7, 2003 SOHO release shows the double helix of moon swirls on either side trailing to the back, which is exactly what we have been seeing over the course of the citizen photo, webcam photo, and SOHO imaging season this Spring 2003! Note from a SOHO/EIT from June 9, 2003 that the heat domes seen on the edge of the Sun in these images do not have objects within them, as this July 7, 2003 image does.
April 13 Chapel Hill, NCMay 16 SOHOMay 16 Honolulu, HIJuly 7 NOAA