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SOHO/EIT Burnout
on July 8, 2003

Either something major happened early this morning or there was a glitch with the EIT 195 imager. Whatever happened, I have the images hyperlinked here.
Danny Rock, on godlikeproduction Message Board
It's a good thing that you captured the images from all the the different cameras especially the other EIT's. They were definitely operating EIT 195 in the 7 minute manual mode and it looks like there might be a 6 minute interval thrown in. Looks like there were 2 separate events because of the gap between 0445 UTC and 0845 UTC which are not normal timings and were probably in the process of attempting to delete the images when the second or maybe even the third event occurred. My guess is that they probly forgot that they were no longer running SOHO in its covert observation mode or someone bumped one of the switches so the images started to update again.
JeannaTMC4, on Message of Destruction message board
Unbeleivable, there sure is something going on. It almost looks like something huge passed infront of the sun. Or that the blasts of the flares were pointed towards the camera. This has got to have some effect on the earth.
Thetaloops, on Message of Destruction message board
I checked SOHO before I went to bed and none of those images were there. Someone either panicked or they forgot to reroute the feed and the images began to upload on their own some time after I went to bed. Or someone wanted us to know about it like you said Jenna.
Danny Rock, on Message of Destruction message board
04:06 UTC
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