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Sunset Sun Independence
Vancouver, on July 9, 2003

Look at that KatKam how can anyone in their right mind not see The Destroyer coming? ... Look at those reflections on the water now. Very well defined. ... This is absolutely undeniable! What a find! I wonder how the spooks will try and explain this one away! ... 11:00 position is X. ... Best pics I have seen up to this point. Very convincing. ... I´m in Vancouver now and can say that the sun is impossibly bright right now. Can´t even look to the area near the sun even with sun glasses on without getting complete white out. It´s intense!
Various, on godlikeproduction Message Board
Note that lens flares go directly through the object causing the flare, presumably the Sun but in the case of double suns, the flares can demonstrate the presence of Planet X, so much in the Sun as to cause an intense and elongated lumpy Sun. In the marked series below, Planet X shows its independence by having its own flare and its own reflection on the water.