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Noon Sun with Personas
New Zealand, on July 12, 2003

Been recently looking at your web site about Planet X. Take a look at the attached picture taken at Taupo in North Island New Zealand at approximately Twelve Noon NZ time on July 12th 2003. You can clearly see the red/pink persona of Planet X at the bottom right and various dots of the moons around the sun. I took this using a Kodak DC210 Digicamera. The more pixs there are of this phenomenon the more the world will become aware of the approach of Planet Nibiru. It has been prophesised for the last 4000 years that in 2003 Nibiru would be seen by all. It is here and only going to get closer. The Governments won't be able to hide its arrival for much longer.
A very interesting image, looks like you've caught the dust cloud with Planet X and moons mixed in quite well. Thank-you for taking the time to take the image and make it public!
Steve Havas
The White Persona, so nicely captured here at 11 o'clock, along with the Red Persona as a massive red cloud at 4 o'clock, appear at different locations due to the Southern Hemisphere view. In the diagram, a person in New Zealand must be pictured as standing upside down looking toward the Sun, with a Northern Hemisphere view from a man standing at a tilt or list to the right.