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Sunrise Sun/Cloud
Wisconsin, on July 18, 2003

Still experimenting with the welders glass. Please ask the zetas why I can not see the object in the photo with my own eyes, when looking through the glass. All I see is the sun, round and all by it self. The first three were taken at 6:30 AM, the last two at 8:30 AM. Again, I do try to move the angle slightly so that I can get an idea of what is lens flare and what is not.
Just as the eye adjusts to low light, gradually being able to see objects in the dark when the lights are turned off, there is adjustment to light overload. This is a protective mechanism, as were the eye able to see all the bright objects around the Sun, then the Sun itself would be able to be seen as bright as it is, thus burning the eye. The camera has no such need nor does it adjust in this manner. Another phenomena is that the Sun's light floods the area where Planet X is, so that what you perceive is the dominant brightness, not the lesser. Do you see the green bug on the leaf? Or among the many leaves?
ZetaTalk to Phil
Note both the White and Red at 2 o'clock appear at different locations, due to camera turning, but among these images are the personas and the dust cloud, which as the last photo shows, can extend some distance from the corpus. Coming from behind welders glass, this again shows that the brightness competes with the Sun!