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Sunset Cloud
Alaska, on July 19, 2003

It wasn’t long ago that I thought Planet X was just plain crazy, in fact, I thought the pictures posted on your site were. Then, I began to notice that the sun was extremely bright these days. So I took some of my own photos on my own digital camera, and was shocked at the results. How can so many people fake these. The thing is I wouldn’t begin to know is how to fake a photo. Now I know that this is real, and if people don't take notice of this soon, they will not be prepared with their food stockpiles,etc. Also, my husband and I are starting to get skin cancers, and the quakes here feel like you’re on a boat that is rocking. We feel so dizzy and keep losing our balance and run into walls. I feel as though something bad is about to happen.
Sun Watcher in Alaska