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on Sep 7-8, 2003

Notice that within these SOHO images, a body, or more than one, can be seen. The personas of Planet X. Note from the conversation below that a solar fare was not expected, and no X-Ray increase was noted. The SOHO camera captures light from whatever source, so an object between the Sun and SOHO would intensify the light, giving the illusion of a massive flare. A check of the archives shows that it subsided for hours and then resumed, in the same place, again not typical. Finally, substitutes from days past were quickly put on the SOHO web site when it was discovered what had been inadvertently leaked.


Note the Kp index is rising and the proton flux is high but steady. Why no X-ray increase?
[and from another poster]
Shouldn´t this CME be reflected in the x-ray flux graph, which is updated every 5 minutes, but still shows normal.
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For the past three days the sun has been extremely quiet...or so they have shown via the charts. Reference: Notice also that there were only two possible sources for this cme, 10450 and 10453. Reference: Take a look at the solar site below and notice that sunspot 10450 has (supposedly) become spotless after the small flare at 14:07. You can also look at today´s image by scrolling down a bit. Now scroll back up and read about these two sunspots VERY closely. Nothing but peace and tranquility on the sun. Either something just impacted that region of the sun or the information regarding at least one of those two sunspots were incorrect. If the answer is ‘incorrect,’ we have been lied to. As the poster above said, where is the spike in the Xray flux? Nothing, not even a blip! Yea right. give me a break, would ya NASA?
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Same area of the sun had ditto yesterday. Quieted down for a couple of hours, now exploding again. And
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Here is the Spaceweather forcast for today. Still don´t believe the NASA disinfo folks? ‘The sun is practically blank today. There are no sunspots to unleash strong solar flares. Image credit: SOHO MDI’ Sure, no strong solar flares, just massive CME´s! And yes, it should reflect on the solar X-ray graph. The one that occured yesterday did and it was considerably smaller than this burp. [and from another poster]
SOHO lasco C2 STILL showing 10:54 as the time , while C3 STILL shows 10:42 . WHY no updates? I noted Raw Lasco went white , then they switched to Sep 6th photo. WHAT are we hiding? Nothing but higher pronton flux on SOHO site.
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What I find very strange about this CME is the fact that there are no substantial sunspots on the Sun today. Also, so far, there is no reflection of the energy release on the X-ray flux chart.
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I just noticed, after reviewing the C3 images from yesterday to 20:42 today, there have been two CMEs in almost the exact same spot, beginning exactly 13 hours apart from each. Also, in the latest CME which began a little after 5:42, there are two images (5:42 and 4:42) where I see unknowns in the CME quadrant. Wonder if these could have anything to do with them.
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