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TOPIC: Prophecy

Millennium Prophecies speak of geological changes and spiritual awakening. Tom Brown describes Grandfather's ability re Prophecy, his Lessons and Red Sky Warnings and the Four Signs - the First, Second, Third, and Fourth signs of impending change. The MOBIUS Projects address them with breath-taking insights. These transformative times have both Good and Bad aspects to them. The White Buffalo, and Red Heifer prophecies are being fulfilled, even a White Crab appearing. Gordon-Michael Scallion's 4 Quake Predictions for 1995 were on target and he predicts a Pole Shift. Nostradamus, a Swedish site, Marianne Rasmussen in Denmark, Marianna Guanter in Germany, David Jevons in Britain, a Hopi Prophecy, a Catholic Prophecy, the Bible in Revelations and in Amos, the 3rd Fatima, Saints&Priests prophecy, the Kolbrin, the Islam Haidiths, and Bulgaria's Vanga all allude to coming cataclysms. Isaiah 24, Barbara Clow, and the Oahspe describe a past shift. The Pope's Denial is contrary. Shiva represents the pole shift. Web sites are proliferating.