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TOPIC: Slowing Rotation

A slowing rotation is a Prelude to the rotation stoppage that occurs during the passage of the 12th Planet. By April, 2003, Seconds/Day was the slowing rate, but by May the Navy realized it had Gone Too Far. At the start of 2003, by comparing Old Data to new data, Lost Minutes were noted for Moon Phases and Sun Rise/Set, confirmed by Star Position changes and Clock Comparisons were obvious, and others, including Sprint, noted these Clock Differences with the atomic clock maintained by the Navy. The Earth's slowing rotation is Measureable and Recorded, with Past Adjustments on Leap Seconds since 1972 standing as a basis of comparison. Dropping leap seconds was proposed recently by the Navy. The Lunar Month can be used as a basis of comparison, too, as it will and has become Shorter. For the 1990's, the Navy Stats, available for Full Moon, Earth Orbit and Equinox, show an Aberation indicating Manipulation of data, Not Present in earlier data, and the Formula for the equinox changed. Analyzing data from 1950 shows the Equinox Trend, and Full Moon Trend being Adjusted. An analysis from the Prior Shift gives evidence of a slowdown then. Where Atomic Clocks are deemed the most accurate, the Navy can Reset them. Another proof can be gained by Sighting Stars, and the Earth Rotation Service based on this shows a distinct slowing trend. The slowing trend is being attributed to Global Warming. Satellites will be affected. A Troubled Times team member suggests an experiment using Clocks, set Times, and a standard Method. Battery Life differs by battery type. Government reporting, such as the IERS or NEOS, is subject to disinformation unlike other methods such as the Superfluid SQUID. Excuses, such as the El Nino Excuse, are also proferred. A Troubled Times TEAM has been formed to keep an eye on these matters, and has discovered a Slowing Trend due to atomic clock changes, as noted in charts on Watched Clocks A1, A2, A3; Majority Clocks B1, B2, B3; Casio Wristwatch C1, C2, C3; and Summary D1 and Projection D2, D3 by May 15, 2003, so that Future Trends can be hypothesized.