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Prior to July, 1995 in explaining the process of the Pole Shift and man's theories about Polar Reversals, by Jan 9, 1997 on the sci.astro Usenets, ZetaTalk stated that the Sun's magnetic field Dominates the solar system. By early 2001, NASA et al had announced, based on the appearance of Sun spots, that the solar maximum had occurred and the Sun had reversed its magnetic field. On Sep 9, 2001, the Ulysses probe, carrying a Magnetometer, found otherwise, as reported in the New Scientist, proving the Zetas RIGHT Again!

JPL September 9, 2001

Space physicists predict gusty winds for the next
few months at the Sun's north pole, an area that
will be observed when the Ulysses spacecraft 
passes over it starting on Aug. 31 [2001]. This 
pass over the pole occurs at a time of solar 
maximum ... This will be Ulysses' second pass 
over the Sun's north pole. It completed a circuit 
of the Sun in 1996 ... In 1995, Ulysses saw 
strong and simple magnetic fields at both poles 
of the Sun. ... 

As Ulysses passed by the south pole of <===
the sun a few months ago, scientists   <===
expected to find that magnetic lines   <===
were pointing outward, because         <===
observations from Earth show that      <===
the magnetic field has already         <===
reversed at the Sun's surface.         <===
Instead, they found that they          <===
Magnetic lines were still pointing     <===
Inward, just as they had been          <===
Throughtout solar minimum.             <===