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ZetaTalk: During 2002
Note: written Oct 15, 2001

The calendar years leading into the pole shift year will see the culmination of many trends, and a few new trends. Erratic weather causing droughts and deluges and temperature swings affect commercial crops and food relied upon by hunter-gathering groups alike, so distress from weather created disasters and food shortages will increase, as will the resulting anger of governed populaces against their ineffectual governments and migrations of peoples attempting to find a better place. These have been existing trends, not new. Governments react to problems placed before them that they cannot solve by pointing the finger outside their borders, as a threatened country supports its leadership and fears to undermine it during such times. Using outside threats, so that many countries point fingers at each other, can be expected to increase during 2002. This likewise is not a new trend going into the pole shift. Increasing quakes and volcanic eruptions, as well as high tides and ocean whirlpools, will get little media attention so as not to alarm an already uneasy populace, but will nevertheless occur. These and heating of the Earth from the core, causing melting polar ice and glaciers, is not new but an existing trend.

We have predicted that in the year prior to the shift that satellites will fail, consistently. Earthquake and volcano activity will steadily increase, on a somewhat linear scale. Earthquakes and volcanoes are reacting to the heating up and activity in the core, which has a great deal of drag in that there is a large amount of matter to heat up and increasing motion in this is not that easy, the core being heavy matter and inclined to hug itself closely. Thus, the increasing approach of the 12th Planet will be less noticeable on Earth than would be expected, when looking at the rapidly diminishing distance. However, should one run statistics on the changes, one would see other than lineal changes overall. It is simply that the core must increase substantially in its temperature or motion for a small increase evident on the crust. This is not lineal, and the crust is pushed outward when increased heat and swirling about occur, so is less subject to rubbing one plate against another and there are more places where magma can ooze out in the deep ocean rifts.

Thus, there will be increases, as there will be increasing crop shortages, but the most noticeable effect to mankind will be the sociological changes, during 2002. The establishment will become guarded, start to falter in their explanation for the changes, and start to enclose themselves into enclaves safe from the populace. New leadership, from the masses so to speak, will arise, filling the void. These will be noticed, and much the talk, while the weird weather and increasing quakes will be scarcely noticed. So these trends are what will be new, in 2002, as a trend leading into the pole shift.

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