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ZetaTalk: Perpetual Power Pack
Note: written May 15, 1996.

For centuries man has chased the elusive goal of a clean, portable, never-ending power pack. In some eras this was termed the perpetual motion machine, as energy in those days was mechanical - windmills, water wheels, or various springs wound up by cranking devices. In the era of the atomic bomb the elusive goal became cold fusion, and during the current era of increasingly more efficient and long-lasting batteries it became the perpetual power pack. It is not simply wishful thinking that drives this search, it is in the collective conscious that such things exist, as exist they do. Over the eons humans have been in contact with alien visitors surrounded with devices that don't need to be plugged in, cranked up, or replaced. What makes them run? The search has been on ever since, but during a 3rd Density existence technology and intelligence are limited to what is appropriate for a spiritual nursery. Will man be introduced to a perpetual power pack during the Transformation? During the Aftertime, those groups operating firmly in the Service-to-Others orientation will find that in addition to encountering aliens walking openly among them and discovering hybrid communities as their neighbors, that they will also be handed portable perpetual power packs. In view of the circumstances, they will scarcely take note.

Industrialized countries, used to many electrical appliances and vehicles to take them anywhere they desire, will be distressed after the shift due to what they will term a setback. This is to say, they will feel they have lost over a century of progress, no longer having their labor saving devices, their conveniences, or their toys. This does not affect their ability to live, except in those cases where life is being maintained with artificial supports, such as breathing machines or kidney dialysis. A century ago, industrialized countries were much as Third World countries today, most of the population busy growing or gathering food, with a few in the trades or professions. Energy was secured from burning wood, coal, and oils from animals or vegetation, or falling water or the blowing wind. Expectations were low, so life was not unbearable due to acute frustration. After the shift, acute frustration among those who have lived a soft life while merrily polluting the globe, will be short lived. They will either learn to live with the situation, or blow a fuse, or be put out of their misery by others around them tired of hearing the whining.

We have stated that Service-to-Others groups, where isolated from the possibility of takeover by Service-to-Self groups, will receive technology assistance from ourselves and other visitors participating in the Transformation. How can a surviving group, intent on being Service-to-Others and perhaps functioning in the main in that orientation, link up with this?

  1. If a group has as their mission to assist the general population, saving whom they can from the devastated cities, or working in camps that the rich may put up to garner slaves, this technology will not be provided. Where this might seem cruel or insensitive, this does not assist the Transformation, but becomes a slow death for the turnover of the planet to those in the Service-to-Others. Ultimately, more pain and suffering result, as those in the Service-to-Self would use any technology to the worse ends.

  2. If a group is living in an area which in general is Service-to-Others, or isolated by natural barrier such as water or mountains or deserts such that travel to the local is limited or virtually impossible by migrating survivors, they are highly likely to be guided to where and when they can receive assistance. They should listen to their inner voice, their subconscious, and follow this, when unlikely suggestions are received. Be open to change, as moving the group may be required.

  3. If a group is open to communication with aliens, visitors from other worlds, and hybrids, and would not experience high anxiety, they are likewise more likely to receive interaction. It is possible to simply find a black box battery, unopenably, on your door step, without this open attitude. However, no technology will be given if anxiety and fear will be greatly increased by this, so having an open heart and mind, not being fearful, is likewise key.

  4. Our technology to assist power needs will likely be in the form of a battery. Thus, where a group has all but the power input, this can be hooked up and away they go, off and running. Thus, you should concentrate most on a setup that could run from a strong battery bank, and worry less about the lack of input when you are off the grid. This is not to say that you should not be concerned about putting up a windmill or water wheel, as you may in fact have to operate with that setup, perhaps for the rest of your life. This is to say that the technology piece we would be providing would be an perpetual battery pack, so plan to plug into this, when the time comes.

Assume each battery to be equivalent to what you use in a car or golf cart or other such portable battery. By this we mean that it would put out the power you assume now from your fresh car or cart or boat battery, no more no less. It simply will not run out, or need maintenance. We have adjusted our devices such that most groups can utilize them directly. Should they be like high voltage grids, few would be able to use them, and they might cause serious injury. Thus, to plug into your most likely survival group technology, we have structured our gifts in this way. There is another reason for not providing intense energy in a single box. Should the unlikely event happen, against all precautions, that a Service-to-Self use be made of these battery packs, the result is not as devastating. Likewise, we this technology will be a secret, the black box unable to be opened, and just how these batteries work is not for you to know.

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