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ZetaTalk: Take Sick
Note: written Feb 15, 1998.

Increasingly, as the pole shift nears, the populace will take sick. This will take the form of known illnesses occurring more frequently, seemingly depressed immune systems, but will also appear as new and puzzling illnesses not seen before in the memory of man. What is going on here? Birds flying that use magnetism are confused, arriving in the wrong place, and all of this affects the immune system as almost everything does. The changes at the core of the Earth that have resulted in El Nino weather patterns and white buffalo and deformed frogs also affect man. Not only is the body asked to adapt to a changing environment, where radiation elements unknown to man are increasing, various infectious agents are also influenced to behave differently. Exposure patterns are thus changed, with infections occurring in circumstances otherwise considered healthy. The germs are on the move. Their carriers are on the move. And thus humans are exposed to diseases that are so rare as to be undocumented in medical journals.

Often, there is almost a decision by humans and animals alike, to simply not persevere. They sense that there are going to be very troubled times ahead. Perhaps they would have a struggle and not make it, and they just let themselves go. They allow themselves to become sick. This happens in the best of times with many situations where the doctor faces an illness that should not be devastating to the patient, yet they are dying, and other situations where the will to live pulls the patient out of the worst case and they surprise and shock the doctors. So the determination to live or die has a great effect. As the time of the pole shift approaches, this type of distress will increase steadily, affecting the weak and despondent primarily, as do all illnesses. When the immune system is depressed, as occurs in those with poor nutrition or whose body is in a weakened state due to a series of illnesses but also in those who have become despondent, illness can occur aggressively, with sweeping speed.

You will see increasing illness, odd illnesses, microbes that travel because an insect is scattering about and spreading germs in places where it normally doesn't travel. This does not mean that the illness has been spread deliberately. Some have, but well over 90% of all the illness and distress you're going to see is a natural situation, a natural occurrence. Because of the changing, swirling in the core of the Earth, and this will continue to up-tick until the pole shift. Starvation from crop shortages and exposure due to erratic weather will compound this trend, with the die off expected after the pole shift occurring early in some parts of the world. Of course, the devastation after the pole shift will be very severe. A majority of the deaths that will occur as a result of the pole shift will not be due to the initial impact but will be due to illness, the spreading of germs, and a lethargic depression that envelopes mankind.

Note: below added during the Dec 7, 2002 LIve ZetaTalk IRC Session.

We described in 1995 that mankind and animals alike would increasingly take sick, during the years and months going into the shift. Germs migrate to new environments, due to climate changes, and humans and animals are under stress due to earth changes as well as climate changes. There are germs mankind is unfamiliar with, that will become more aggressive, considered a new strain, unknown before. Likewise, confused animals will migrate to wrong places, becoming weakened, and increase their vulnerability to germs and stress diseases. All this, in our predictions, have come about, but with every new outbreak we get questioned as to what the cause is. A cruise ship has stomach flu, or food poisoning caused by distracted food handlers, and this is not out of keeping with our predictions on mankind increasingly making error in their everyday work due to subconscious worry, and the failure of their governments to address the earth changes they can see are occurring. Likewise, individuals on a ship talk more to one another, or perhaps have intimate interaction, where perhaps in the past would not, due to anxiety. Personal guard is dropped, and it takes not much more than this for many groups to be infected. Hands not washed in wash rooms, a single family member bringing a germ into a room to infect the rest of the family, etc. This is nothing more than has been predicted, and will increase, due to distraction of humans, climate changes, and dropping immune systems.

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