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ZetaTalk: Next 3 1/2 Years
Note: written Sep 15, 1999.

As we have predicted in 1995, there will be increasing crop shortages to the point where commercial crops will fail for the next 3 years running. Not in 1999 but during the 3 years following, going into the coming pole shift [Note: see 2003 Date explanation]. This is already occurring around the world, where it is noted that this or that crop has failed. This does not get the news coverage it should, on what this means for starvation and food shortages, which are rarely mentioned. Everyone should anticipate that the price of food is going to skyrocket, shortages will occur, and thus they should prepare to grow their own - indoor gardening, fish tanks, eating insects - whatever means they can achieve and plan for the long haul. Learn how to feed yourself.

Increased weather problems will occur. Massive tornadoes such as recently tore through Oklahoma will not go away, but will be on the increase and will occur in places that do not experience such tornadoes. Hurricanes will be no more fierce than they are today, but will occur in places not used to hurricanes force winds. Not just Japan and the East Coast of the US and Bangladesh, but other places, perhaps the west coast of Africa, places that do not expect hurricanes blasting inland.

Likewise earthquakes will up-tick. During the last few years they have become more frequent, but they became so tiny during the lull when the deep plates were locking down, so the increase in frequency was not noticed. Now the increase in frequency will be noted, as the ricochet effect is going to mean that when there is a major earthquake, there will be a hiccuping effect around the world for some time, and these are going to increase in Richter scale in any case. Therefore structures that have not been quakeproofed, in cities that do not expect to experience quakes, are going to drop and shatter. What happened in Turkey is going to become so common that the populace will barely notice, just as today they have almost become immune to stories about bad weather. It’s almost become the norm.

What will all this mean? We have predicted that people will begin to migrate. If things are untenable where they are, they will roam, or try to, and there will be increased blocking at the borders. Likewise, job instability will occur. People will move to the barter system and depend less on the government for handouts, which is all to the good. Sickness will slightly increase from where it is today. There is a lot of illness now because people who are already unstable are unable to take the turmoil caused by the increased emanations from the Earth. Some of them have simply sensed what is coming and have decided to die. This is true of animals as well as humans. Sickness will increase, but not to the point where it is going to get exponentially worse.

There will be some bank failures. This is going to be greatly shored up on an artificial basis. Money, after all, can be printed, and the governments of the world are hysterically afraid of panic in the populace, and will do anything they can to keep confidence up and the paper money worth something, all the way to the end if they can. But nevertheless, this should not be distracting or blinding the populace. Look at what is actually happening - the food, the weather, the safety, the honesty in the messages that are being put forth. The populace should start exploring the site that our emissary, Nancy, and so very many of her friends have put together to help every man help themselves. This does not require money, this simply requires a desire to get serious. And we recommend that everyone do this, rich or poor.

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