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ZetaTalk: During 2000

Dated January 12, 2000, as relayed on the Sightings broadcast

Our predictions for the forthcoming year do not differ greatly from what we have stated in the past. This is the year when serious crop failures will start. As we stated in 1995, the weather confuses commercial crops, not just because of severe and intractable drought but because of the drought and deluge swings. Deluges can be devastating, as the recent reports coming out of a drowning Central America and their lost crops relay. Seeds are washed out of the ground, or rotted in the ground. Likewise, as we stated in 1995, very warm winter weather can confuse crops. They begin their growth cycle before they should and thus are frozen out when winter returns. And likewise there will increasing be very cold summers. This is a new angle - very cold summers. This has been relayed in the past, in ancient reports of what the Chinese called a world cycle, meaning the approach of another pole shift, where snow fell in summer. This type of weather change, which will shock the weathermen who are trying to explain events in terms of Global Warming, will begin.

We have predicted there will in essence be a complete crop failure for the 3 years going into the Spring of 2003 [Note: see 2003 Date explanation]. This means the years of 2000, 2001, and 2002 will find such devastation to commercial crops that the stores set aside by the government for such disasters will be depleted greatly. These stores are intended to help those who have been ravaged by hurricanes or to rescue some country devastated by drought or locust swarms. Those types of rescues overseas are not being done anymore by the US, the doors quietly shut, so that it seems to the populace in the US that they are fine. They are not fine. Our advice continues to be to have family gardens and to rely on oneself. What other types of changes might be experienced this coming year?

We mentioned a year ago that tornadoes would be experienced in areas that do not experience such tornadoes, and more devastating tornadoes would be experienced. This likewise unfolded this past year, and this trend will increase to the point where people will be just numbed by the size and fury of the tornadoes that will not only go through tornado alley in the US but also in other places in the world which simply donít think in terms of needing to protect themselves from such swirling, forceful winds. This will continue to be couched in terms of Global Warming, but increasingly this explanation will be questioned. Why has there been such a rapid upswing? How can one account for a chemical change in the upper atmosphere that would do such a thing? Why is devastating cold sweeping down on places such as India if Global Warming is the explanation? Where is this coming from? Of course it is coming from volcanic upheaval under oceans that are causing the El Nino effect to continue, even though it is being downplayed, to the point where the air over the oceans is being dragged about and warmed and cooled.

We also predict, as we did last year, that there will be high tides. Not tsunamis, following earthquakes, but unusual high tides. We also predict that there will begin to be reports of whirlpools in the oceans that will startle those who have never seen such a thing in the oceans. Likewise, as we have predicted in the past, there will be increasing booms and flashes, which are caused by underwater earthquakes that cause heaving in the oceans such that the air over the dropping water claps. This can happen over land, also. We predict that this will increase to the point where this is discussed in the coffee rooms and bars of many cities, even though it doesnít get media coverage.

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