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ZetaTalk: Abduction Right
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Some humans raise heated objections to the genetic engineering program we are conducting. We have been granted the right to proceed from the Council of Worlds. Some call this the Association of Worlds. The name is not important, as all members understand, intuitively, what it is of we speak. Seeding planets, the genetic evolution whereby the genetic fiber of the intelligent species on a planet keeps pace with its spiritual development or spiritual level, is governed by the Council. Homo Sapiens is to leap (albeit over generations) to a higher level of intelligence and telepathic ability. Accordingly, we have been given a charter to proceed, albeit humanely, in this work. Our time frame is clear to us. This work is not, as you say, a snap. It is stretching our abilities, which are considerably higher than yours, at the current time. The checking and testing we do is most necessary. Since you would not be capable of understanding, we won't explain the details.

The comparisons between this important work and experiments humans do on animals or other humans cannot be made. Would you compare the hunting of a wolf pack to the dedication of a research team intent on finding the cure to a disease? Both are a pack or team. Both are dedicated. Both teams feel their work is of vital importance to them. However, their missions cannot be compared. Our purpose has been twisted. However, we do not allow anger to rule us. This we learned to control some time ago. Like most who dedicate themselves to a good purpose, we focus on the future, on the mission being a success, and on the happiness that will ensue from this. We focus on the long term, not the short term.

Given the above analogy, how would you, as humans, given the mission to genetically engineer a wolf pack into a higher intelligence, proceed? Since the wolf can bite, can kill you, and would surely do so if threatened, you would tranquilize it. You consider this humane. You do this today when tagging wildlife. You mean this wildlife no harm, and seek to reduce injury and reassure the creatures you tranquilize. You may attempt to communicate your purpose to the wolf, but few will understand. If the wolf will in the future live a fuller life, and evolve spiritually, you would probably commiserate with each other over the rage of the threatened wolf and try not to take this personally. As the Zetas are, as you say, egg heads, we try to communicate intellectually. We have learned to use humans who communicate with other humans to explain our position. This is altogether a more effective way of communicating. However, these humans come in for a lot of abuse.

What we do to contactees is done on a daily basis by doctors, dentists, parents, teachers, policemen, custodians, and husbands to their wives. Humans most definitely do not apply the same rules of behavior to aliens that they do to themselves! We would point to the Geneva Summit Conference, the rules governing war. In these guidelines are explicit statements about imprisonment, health care, and execution of prisoners of war. In addition there are rules governing the involvement of civilians, who may be forcibly removed from areas of conflict for their own protection. Martial law is another example where special and quite explicit rules govern conduct under special circumstances. The rules in one situation are not the same as the rules used in another situation.

The rules governing the genetic engineering of a species in order to increase its capacity for intelligent thought or telepathic communication are not known to humans. The reason is obvious - humans are not advanced to the level at which they would conduct such activity. Children do not understand the ethical conduct rules that their doctor feels bound by. Civilians do not need to know the martial laws that a general feels bound by. Nor is the general or doctor obliged to explain the rules to those people who would not have the capacity to understand or would in any case object endlessly. As professional genetic engineers working under the auspices of the Council of Worlds, we are being ethical. We are measured against the other intelligent beings who conduct such genetic engineering activities, of which there are millions. We have peer review, and this scrutiny is a thousand times more intense than any human society could muster.

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