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ZetaTalk: No Calling Card
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

In meeting or dealing with a non-human entity, whether this is a spirit you only converse with on an ethereal level or an entity with embodiment that you encounter during contacts, you must judge for yourself whether this is an encounter with the Service-to-Self or Service-to-Others orientation. There are no measures that serve as an easy answer. There are no rules that can quickly be applied to the situation for an easy resolution to confusion. The right solution to the situation facing you, as a human, this minute, is something you must determine. For some, this is painful. Some humans, faced with this perplexing dilemma and used to the rigorous answers that their religious ideology gives to them, feel naked and alone. However, this situation is one that the entity new to the 4th Density will face ad infinitum. Get used to it.

Confusion is natural. When you ask how you can discern good and evil, how you can discern what may be a figment of your imagination or something generated from your own mind from what may be a spirit speaking to you or trying to possess you, it is natural to be confused. This is up to each individual to determine for themselves. There are clues, so that it is possible to differentiate your individual soul from others, to understand whether another spirit cares for you or does not care for you, and this doesn't require reading body language or blinking neon signs. There are thousands of indications, just as when rising in the morning, you understand that it is morning and not evening by glancing at the sky. Those who complain, asking when they are going to be told the truth, when it will be revealed, or when they will be led to the truth, are demonstrating an essential spiritual laziness.

You are supposed to learn to discern these matters, and to become more and more sensitive. You are supposed to be put into environments where you must exercise choice as to whether to sacrifice yourself, and to what degree, and where to put your efforts, and when to slack back, and who to ally with and partner with, and who not to. This is part of your spiritual learning, your school house is a self instruction school house, and to hold back, to resist and cry that you need clarity and exacting signs and instructions, is to avoid these lessons. This only delays your spiritual growth, and will continue to put you in these perplexing situations until you learn to begin to stretch and exercise your spiritual mind just as you are asked in school to exercise your physical mind. So step forward and embrace the path. Many exciting experiences await you. But if you hold back in the shadows you will not understand that.

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