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ZetaTalk: Just a Dream
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Dreams are one of the avenues whereby the depth of the brain and the heart, in resonance, speak to the conscious. We, and other aliens, are under stricture not to present ourselves to humans in such a way as to be inviolate. Yes and no, we are surely there. In this way those humans uncomfortable with our presence can assure themselves this is not the case. Yet those who are eager for our presence can reassure themselves that they are not, as you might say, dreaming. Yet as eager as those wanting full contact are, they are unaware of how very jolting this will be, even for the initiated. Some humans, forced to adjust too rapidly, would go mad.

Many contactees recall their visitations as a dream, as the recall starts during a semi-sleep state, during that time when one is just dropping off to sleep or waking up. However, there are characteristics that mark the recall as other than a dream. The dream seems vivid, so real, and includes elements not normally in dreams such as sounds and smells. These dreams are usually so vivid as to wake the drowsy contactee. If the contactee is comfortable with the concept of the alien presence, they will dig further into their subconscious and unfold the story, but many simply leave the recall in the dream status as in this way the recall is less threatening. How could it be real? It was only a dream!

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