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ZetaTalk: Remembering
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Where a visitation is recorded only in the subconscious of the contactee, so that the Awakening can be paced to occur no faster than the populace in total can tolerate, remembering is on an individual basis. Some contactees remember immediately, and think they have been aware all along. In fact, this is not what occurs, but rather immediately after the visitation the contactee connects the memory in their subconscious to the conscious. This process is similar to the physiological process humans use to restore their past after amnesia periods. Essentially, for the conscious, this is like a first time experience, with new memory links established. It feels like daydreaming, and most often occurs in just that way. The contactee finds himself musing at some point, about aliens or space ships, and then begins to wonder. They get an interest in the subject, gather books and join groups, and talk intensely to others. All this increases the rate of remembering, as one thing leads to another.

Recalled memories build like that, starting out slowly with only a few memory links established, but then for each new memory added there are multiple memory links established. Soon the memory of the visitation is well connected to the conscious. This process is more gradual and gives the contactee a more secure feeling, as during the recall he is usually among friends or with a therapist or in familiar surroundings. The recall can be paced, being suppressed again if the contactee does not feel ready. Remembering therefore is on an individual basis, and the individual contactee is fully in control, which is as it should be.

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