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ZetaTalk: Channeled Messages
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Channeling is an activity that involves the temporary possession of a human body, in order to relay a message. The message can be in many forms - dance, music, prose, or pronouncements. Most channel instruments, the humans allowing their bodies to be temporarily used, know when this has occurred, and so does the intended audience. The channeled message is different from what the human, who in most cases is familiar to the audience in some way, would have produced. Most channeling is done to produce words, the effect of which can be broad reaching as it can be translated into many languages, and shared repeatedly. Channeled dance is brief and fleeting, and prose has impact on a smaller audience in general than written works. Channeled music is also somewhat limited, as the appreciation for music varies by culture. Therefore most forms of channeled information are the written word.

Many channels are imperfectly attuned to the entities they are putting in the driver's seat. Such a simple matter as constipation or a headache can interfere. Most definitely, the human channel's own fixed concepts can interfere, as surely as a locked steering wheel will cause a car to go in a circle. If the channel is blind the entity trying to channel cannot see what is being written, as the entity is in contact with the mind of the channel. If the entity passes a concept to the channel and due to ruts in the mind of the channel this concept loops about and emerges other than what the entity intended, the channeled message has been distorted. This is why we frequently advise to read channeled works almost as poetry, for the underlying theme, and not to get stuck on some detail that seems out of sync. In this way small inconsistencies fall away, and the mass of consistencies between true channeled works support each other, and in this way truth and understanding emerge.

The origin of most channeled work is a mystery to the human channels, who sometimes insist on a name as they otherwise feel uneasy. The channel is asked to explain who relayed the message and has no answer - anonymous, it would seem. In human society the failure to identify oneself is suspect, and the message deemed likely a lie. Channeled works are most often a group endeavor, many voices speaking as one, and as we have explained, names in the higher densities of the Service-to-Others are meaningless and simply not used. These entities, or their fluctuating groups, have no names. Even when one is invented to meet the demands from the audience, as it has no relevance. The group at one moment might be composed of entities from one constellation but migrate over time to be predominantly from another constellation, and then most constellations are simply unknown to humans at this time.

The only valid question is on the source is its orientation - Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other or possibly a mixture of both if the human channel has given The Call to both. This is what influences the message, and it is the message that counts!

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