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ZetaTalk: ZetaTalk

Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

We, the Zetas, are using a different form of communication with our emissary Nancy than was done, for instance, in the channeling for the book Visitors from Within. Nancy has been willingly modified with Zetan genetic material inserted directly into her brain. This allows her to be more receptive to our telepathic voice. This has in no way changed Nancy from her otherwise normal human form. She is as before. However, she has additional talents, heretofore not a part of her talent spread.

The mix of Zetas involved in our communications alters from one communication to another. The tone of the conversation changes because of this. The Zetas chosen to communicate are chosen based on their familiarity with the intended audience or any hidden agendas inherent in the audience. This too affects the tone of the response. It is our desire to increase the effectiveness of our communications with humans, as in the times ahead this will become increasingly important. We hope this desire is matched by our readers. In our communications through human telepaths we of course have what you humans call a learning curve. Our starting position and ending point might differ from what humans would consider these points, but the curve exists, nonetheless. In addition, we are observing the reactions to our words. Like any well intentioned communicator, we move in the direction of most reaction. If our words are stiff, humans perceived us to be cold and unfeeling. When we jive it up a bit, suddenly we become warmer.

There is another issue, that of adjusting the content to appeal to the humans we wish to engage, mentally. Any author or journalist is familiar with the concept. If one writes a book for all people in all seasons, the book may not sell at all! Therefore, one must select the audience, and play to it. Our audience is the Service-to-Others humans. Frankly, the Service-to-Self oriented will scarcely read, except as they may desire to poke holes in the message. So we are noting which of our words connect in the desired way with those strongly in the Service-to-Others orientation. We are noting which of our words get the intended message across.

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