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ZetaTalk: Paralyzed State
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

The state of paralysis that many contactees report is common, and is used not only as a means of calming and controlling potentially violent contactees but also for convenience. The paralyzed state is very relaxing, and leaves no harmful trace. During travel between the Earth and a space ship, through walls, and at rapid speeds, humans often prefer to be paralyzed. In fact, this is a frequent request of the constant contactee, as they find they can rest, and, as you say, leave the driving to us. What is going on in the state of paralysis? At times the mind is aware, at times as though in a deep sleep. Some contactees report they can break out of the paralysis, with a shout or by force of will. The mechanism used to place humans into paralysis is simple, and does not involve our technologies or manipulation of densities. We are utilizing an existing human physiology, something akin to the frozen state that possums take when frightened. Why is it that humans never play possum when we or other aliens aren't around to induce this? Because this facility is deep within the reptilian brain, and not connected to the middle brain or frontal lobes. Humans voluntarily cannot reach this spot. But if one knows where it is, and knows what buttons to push, then presto!

Note: below added during the August 10, 2002 Live ZetaTalk IRC Session.

Paralysis during contact has often been reported by those recalling their visits. If a contactee is anxious, fearful, likely to thrash about and injure themselves or their visitors, they are paralyzed. This is not painful, in fact is very restful, and is never resented. However, it can create confusion if not understood, when a rapid return to their pre-visit surroundings occurs.

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