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ZetaTalk: Ensnared Forever
Note: written on Jul 15, 1995

In human society initiation or inclusion rites frequently bound the onset of a special status, such as baptism, marriage, military induction, public service, or entry into a profession or trade. The human so bounded knows when this status begins, as do others. Likewise, the termination of a status is bounded by termination or exclusion rites, such as a funeral, divorce, discharge, termination notice, or ban. These rites cover every aspect of life, so that church, state, school, relatives, employers, and even activities undertaken just for fun are marked by official pronouncements, certificates, cards to slip into the wallet, assigned numbers, and sometimes little caps and pins and the like. This is all to help people relate. Are you one of them? Ah, I see you are. Am I sure you're qualified to practice medicine? Ah, I see you are.

But contactees, and those contactees who refer to themselves as abductees, have had no initiation rite. Since they can't be sure of the beginning, can they be sure of the end? How can they tell? Since the beginning and end are under the control of the human giving The Call, the contacts can end as quickly as they started. Just announce your change of heart. Just state your desire to make it a wrap. Just say no. It's as simple as that. Whether the contact has been, at your request, from the Service-to-Self or from the Service-to-Others, the results are the same. You are no longer a contactee.

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