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ZetaTalk: Out of Body
Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

Out-Of-Body experiences can happen anytime an entity, or spirit, is incarnated, regardless of the density. It is true that most 3rd Density incarnations proceed from beginning to end without an Out-Of-Body experience, and that, on the other hand, it is rare for a 4th Density incarnation not to have an Out- Of-Body experience, but this is due to the relative awareness of the entity, not the density.

Some contactees have reported being taken Out-Of-Body during visitations, as though they were a passive participant, but going Out-Of-Body is always the decision of the contactee. Why does the incidence of Out-Of-Body increase, then, during the visits? The fact that Out-Of-Body occurs at all during visitations speaks to the traumatic nature of visitation. Humans experience Out-Of-Body in association with great trauma, where they are near death or severely injured. Where visitation does not injure the human encountering alien life forms and dealing, for the first time, with concepts like levitation, it is startling. Some contactees recall seeing themselves lying on a table while a medical procedure or examination is taking place, apparently Out-Of-Body during this distress. Is this a deliberate use of Out-Of-Body, as a type of anesthesia? No, as Out-Of-Body maneuvers are always initiated by the human. However, due more to alarm at the strangeness of the setting, many contactees do go Out-Of-Body during physical procedures. If they are in deep paralysis, which is a means of anesthesia often used by ourselves or others concerned with the well-being and comfort of our contactees, then the physical body is still. However, the spirit, elsewhere in the room, observes.

Once having been Out-Of-Body, the entity incarnating in a human body is wise, and not infrequently intrigued. How did I do that? Being Out-Of-Body offers all kinds of opportunities. Instantaneous travel, through walls, and invisibility. Humans adept at initiating an Out-of-Body use this frequently to gather information, check on a loved one, or just simply to have a look-see. Is this good? Yes and no. Where the human is operating in a 4th Density spiritual mode, is sufficiently Service-to-Self or Service-to-Other to be destined for 4th Density physical existence during the next incarnation, there is little harm done, but where they have not progressed in their 3rd Density orientation lesson and must continue in 3rd Density, Out-Of-Body can be a distraction from the lesson. It is an escape. For this reason we do not give lessons on how to achieve an Out-Of-Body.

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