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ZetaTalk: Hypnosis

Note: written on Aug 15, 1995

Contactees desiring to recall their visits use various methods, including meditation, induced trance states, and hypnosis. All these methods are essentially the same, in that they utilize a feature of the human physiology normally in force during dream states. As the human brain is less than holistic, due to the many genetic engineering passes made from a combination of reptilian and hominoid sources, it does not speak to itself well. The subconscious is aware of everything, but where the conscious is only partially aware it is allowed, ostensibly, to be in charge.

During dream states the human conscious is bombarded with information, as the gates are not locked, the guard against the subconscious let down, and the gap between what the conscious thinks reality is and what the subconscious knows reality to be is filled with a rush of information. To the conscious, which has been blocking unpleasant thoughts, and picking and choosing what it wishes to weave into its version of reality, this information rush has nowhere to go. Thus dreams. Humans wake from a dream state and muse about what it might mean - dream analysis, symbolism, perhaps the id breaking through. Where the flood from the subconscious finds established paths to follow, the dream makes more sense. Perhaps a family member or friend appears, familiar objects or events. These may in fact have no more to do with the flood of information than proximity or similarity. As the rush of information pours down pathways, nearby areas are excited, for instance perhaps the dreamer is processing a flood from the subconscious about an encounter with a dog, but having no conscious memories about dogs, considered upsetting by the conscious, instead finds long forgotten childhood memories about a kitten excited. All very confusing.

However, during hypnosis or other deliberately induced trance states the flood of information is controlled. The gates are let down gradually, and when the information begins to flow from the subconscious as much time as needed is taken to find where to place it, making connections. This is why recall on a history of visitations seems to proceed slowly at first, but eventually reaches the point where a slight self induced trance state is enough to bring the memory of a recent visitation over from the subconscious to the conscious. Visitations are placed only in the subconscious, so a base needs to be established in the conscious upon which to build the conscious memories. For those inexperienced with hypnosis or other trance state inducement, the key is relaxation and clearing the mind of all activity, all thoughts. Blank mind, utterly relaxed body, and bing - a thought pops into your conscious. Hypnosis does not create the thoughts, it allows the flood of information to begin prior to an actual sleep state. Some contactees find they begin remembering as they are dropping off or waking up from sleep.

Hypnosis is most successful where there is a press of information waiting to flood over from the subconscious, which has been actively involved in sorting out a recent visitation or in reconciling visitations with the persons overall life. Successful hypnosis also requires a conscious willingness to recall. If the contactee is unwilling to recall, blocks this, then no amount of hypnosis will work. Contactees blocking conscious awareness will even wake themselves from dream states where progress is being made, fearful of the outcome. Others, desiring their life to be built of a single fabric, spend as much time as possible, sleeping or waking, weaving things together.

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