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ZetaTalk: Fairy Tales
Note: written by Jul 15, 1995

Have we, the Zetas, ever been inspirational to mankind, giving birth to myth and music? We certainly hope so. However, we cannot take credit for the work of others - the artists, poets, authors, or composers who may have been inspired by contact with us. Such things as a rocky seaside are inspirational, but certainly are not given credit for the works for art that follow. We are being inspirational as we speak, by communicating to you through ZetaTalk. Were it not for our presence, and our willingness to answer, ZetaTalk would not have occurred.

Myths that may have been inspired due to our presence are few, as we are behind-the-scenes workers in the main. Fairy tales of goblins in the night, wispy creatures who disappeared by fading into the woods and seemed to float have to some degree been inspired by us. The Brothers Grimm also record fairies in the woods, not seen but doing good works such as setting those searching for lost children onto the right path. We represent the unseen, in some of these stories, as this is the method by which we work. People correctly ascribed to us the characteristics of being able to appear and disappear. And like any stranger, we got assigned many deeds not of our doing. Who took the cake, spilled the milk, stole the rattle from the baby. The fairies did it. But likewise some good deeds, those done by us but mostly done by good hearted humans not wanting a fuss made over them, were ascribed to us. It balanced out.

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