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ZetaTalk: Signs
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995

Given that contactees recall their visits only in their subconscious and must build a conscious memory base, and given that the governments of the world and the establishments are reluctant to admit to the alien presence, it is not surprising that contactees deal with many doubts. The issues of maintaining an element of doubt, necessary so that the Awakening can proceed without raising the level of anxiety and fear in the populace, seems unnecessary to many contactees, who would welcome some reassurance.

Give me a sign, many ask, so that I will know this is real and not just my imagination. Even in the face of confirmation from the books they read and friends they meet at contact groups, many contactees find their need for reassurance becoming a burning issue. This point is often reached when the contactee determines to make changes in their life because of their convictions, and cannot explain their decisions to family and friends. They know they will be considered eccentric at best for the steps they plan, and beyond wanting something to show others as rationale, they simply want something solid to cling to during the lonely times when they are subject to ridicule. Give me a sign. What has meaning for one person is meaningless to another, so personal signs are often given to individual contactees at the crossroads where normal living is about to be left behind and dedication taken up. Personal signs have great significance to the person, but by their nature cannot be used as proof of the alien presence.

One person may find their shoes lined up on a different side of the closet, something they would never do. Another may find that bag of chips they intended to buy but forgot suddenly appearing on the counter top. Yet another might find their beard clipped, a routine of personal hygiene done weekly but not yet done this past week. The person is momentarily stunned, then combs through the recent past to see if they might have forgotten. The sign is understood for what it is, based on the intensity of the contactee's anguish going into the sign and their often adamant cries for a sign of some kind. The two go together. Signs are always given when the contactee least expects them, sometimes after they have given up hope of getting their request answered. This is to ensure that the contactee is not led astray as to the nature of the alien presence. As we are by the rules restrained from interfering with the conduct of human affairs, we do not wish to lead our contactees into believing that we can be relied upon to respond. Signs are also given in a manner that is meaningless to anyone but the contactee, and most clearly recognize this and do not try to impress or convince others.

Nevertheless, for the individual, the sign they have been given has deep meaning.

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