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ZetaTalk: Abduction Term
Note: written on Oct 15, 1995

The term abduction was assigned to our visitations with our contactees early in the present day heated discussions about the alien presence. Prior to the latter half of this century, visits from aliens were termed a glimpsed fairy, an invoked demon, a guardian angel, or perhaps one of God's chariots in the sky. Humans tended to ascribe their role correctly in calling for the contact. They were brooding alone in the woods, were openly wishing to sell their soul for assistance in ridding themselves of a rival, were feeling frightened or confused and wondering if they truly had a guardian, or were anticipating a sighting in the sky and looking up in anticipation. The term abduction implies no such participation, and was chosen deliberately for this reason by humans wishing to put the brakes on the Transformation by giving a subliminal message to the populace. One could refer to a job as one's chosen career, one's occupation, one's current employment, bringing home the bacon, putting in one's dues, or going to the salt mines. The term used influences the attitude.

The abduction term is perpetuated in part because the number of recent contactees, who are on the rise, are lately given only subconscious memories of the affair where in the past were allowed to remember consciously. Key indicators are thus missed, and the contactee remembers only their quiet day and then the sudden appearance of a scar or a vague feeling that something momentous has occurred. If hypnotized, the contactee will express emotions such as anxiety over the strange circumstances or longing for a hybrid offspring, and this is viewed out of context with their normal life. Are they not anxious when encountering strange circumstances outside of visitations? Would they not feel longing if seeing only briefly a child they were going to give up for adoption? Humans in a hypnotized state express their emotions openly, where normally controlled, and thus the emotions are registered by those in attendance as extreme. For contrast, hypnotize a contactee and take them to their wedding night, the birth of a child, or their first day on an important job.

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