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ZetaTalk: Electrical Disturbances
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

The media dramatizes electrical disturbances because, in truth, this route was used by ourselves in the 1950's to impress MJ12 and gain a greater audience with them. The winking out of lights over a broad area, dramatized in Close Encounters of the Third Kind, indeed occurred. However, it is not true that this regularly happens when space ships come into the area, and any stories using this as a prop should be suspect. We enter and leave your density, 3rd Density, without disturbing anything outside of the exact spot where the ship is to materialize. Therefore, tales of lights dimming in the house, cars stalling, TV sets flickering, or an eerie glow are patently false.

This is another instance where one cannot disprove the proposition, as afterwards there is no mark or evidence to point to. We will point out, however, that electrical devices subjected to such a brownout are frequently damaged. A blackout, where the electrical flow just stops, does no damage as this is a normal parameter which happens when the off switch is thrown. Brownouts are not anticipated, and thus a TV or computer frequently has to be reset or repaired afterwards. Tales of electrical disturbances often include a stalled car which restarts by itself. How would this occur, when under normal circumstances a starter must be used. The electrical boost needed to start a car is relatively high, with the electrical flow thereafter at a maintenance level. The car starts because the cylinders are being cranked, by electricity, but thereafter this cranking is done by combustion in the chambers. Why would the electricity surge when returning? Thus, for more than one reason, this proposition can be disproved.

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