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ZetaTalk: Budd Hopkins
Note: written on Nov 15, 1995

Abduction therapists run in two veins - pro-alien and contra-alien. Budd Hopkins is an example of a contra-alien therapist. He feels visitations are always abusive and there can be no ameliorating circumstances. Aliens should leave humans alone, period. The concept of humans controlling and requesting visitations is not even considered, much less contemplated. Should an abductee express delight or affection or longing then the abuse has been brain washing. If they fail to exhibit resentment or fear then they are in denial, and evidence of the buried resentment or fear is found in the abductees general demeanor. Since confidentiality is maintained, this slant can never be validated by outsiders, who have to take the therapist's word for it. However, given this slant, the treatment is appropriate for those who gave The Call to the Service-to-Self and are suffering because of it.

Most humans leaning toward the Service-to-Self orientation are used to dealing with humans of mixed orientation, and having their way with them. Following a call to Service-to-Self aliens, wherein the human is making a self centered request and expects to manipulate the aliens called, they may be in shock. There are few situations on Earth, outside of prison populations, where all humans in the vicinity may be in the Service-to-Self orientation. Even within prison this is hardly ever the case, so there is almost always someone of mixed orientation to be taken advantage of. In a meeting with Service-to- Self aliens, the human finds himself out numbered and out gunned, and often goes looking for sympathy afterwards.

Budd Hopkins is just the thing.

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