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ZetaTalk: Soul-to- Soul
Note: written on Dec 15, 1995

Contactees are aware of visits that involve their physical body, as during recall they float through walls, levitate rapidly, are in a paralyzed state, feel the cold surface of an examining table or have other such memories in the subconscious mind that confirm that a visit occurred. Then there are Out-Of-Body experiences, which the spirit communicates to the mind in concepts the mind can grasp - sights, sounds, and smells. Contactees can also have visitations, soul-to-soul while their spirit was incarnated rather than Out-Of-Body. This is a visitation, a contact, as much as a contact in physical form, but they have no specific memory of this as sensory memory of the visit is no different from the moments of the day the contactee remembers otherwise. Recall will not change this, as there is no treasure in the subconscious waiting to be linked up with the conscious, nor is the spirit waiting for an opportunity to bring the mind up to date on where it's been and what was observed. All were in the same place. No missing time, no hidden memories, no recorded Out-Of-Body experience about to unfold - an in-situ visitation recorded only in the soul.

Contactees are often confused by these visits, wondering if a visitation has occurred or if some other phenomenon has occurred. Contactees should pay heed to their perceptions, pay heed to what they receive, intuitively as a result of these conversations with unseen spirits, listen to what their soul has gained in understanding and is attempting to relay. The soul knows more than the temporary human body, from its many incarnations. The soul is also privy to more information than the body it is incarnated in, as it can have soul-to-soul chats with another, and can recognize Service-to-Self vs Service-to-Other orientations easily due to this. Thus, when humans describe a gut feeling, they are giving credence to this wider knowledge, not knowing its source. How does the contactee discern that this visit has occurred? As these visits are so subtle, they can only be discerned by a changed attitude on the part of the contactee, who may develop a firm resolve, abandon a former plan without bitterness or regret, develop new interests, or initiate revolutionary changes in their life.

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